“I am Myrna van Wijk and together with my parents I run the horses training/dressage stable van Wijk, located in Vuren. I give classes and train my own horses as well as customers’ horses. At the moment I am riding in different competition levels, such as M2, Z1, ZZ-Heavy and Light Tour.

At contests I always use a whip, because of my posttraumatic dystrophy. We train a couple of Frisian horses, but we mostly focus on training warm-blooded horses. My dream is to one day start with one of my horses in the Grand Prix. I use the products of Super Horse as extra support for my horses.

I currently have a very talented horse from the Kempenhoeve at the BWP-er Entrée. This horse looks promising for the future and has the ability and skill to compete at a high level. I train my horses weekly at the Anky van Grunsven stable.”