“My name is Sonja van der Berg and I have been connected to Velvet Stables as a stablerider for 4 years. I have been riding horses for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until I started riding at this stable, that I received the change to develop myself as a rider and to work with horses that possess great qualities.

At our stable, which is owned by Ron Henze, we train young, our own bred, horses and have these compete in the Concours, we also ride horses for other parties. We mostly work together. I train the horses daily and Ron guides and supports me with this. We try to vary our trainig as much as we can in order to keep this exciting and challenging for our young horses, because we feel this is very important.

Next to a proper training, the proper nutrition is also quite important. We feed our horses with qualitative hay and strength food. We started using Super Horse supplements in 2015 and have already seen the progress and positive benefits of their products!”